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Modern Cake Stand

March 12, 2013



Last week, I received an email from designer Chris Woodward, introducing me to his simple, modern, functional pastry tier. It’s called the Temple. I loved the design and idea immediately. As someone who has way too many traditional cake stands with no great storage solution, I can see the value of having one that can collapse and stores away neatly. I also love the minimalist design. But the Temple is not sold anywhere just yet, it’s part of a Kickstarter project. I’m a huge fan of entrepreneurship and fresh thinking so I was excited to share this with you on Chris’ behalf. If you’d like to see more and help get his lovely design off the ground, head over to the Temple’s Kickstarter page!

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  1. VVernhard permalink
    March 12, 2013 1:21 pm

    Reblogged this on KP28 * Soul Food und kommentierte:
    Sieht interessant aus!

    • love and cupcakes permalink*
      March 14, 2013 10:56 am

      Thank you for reblogging!

      • VVernhard permalink
        March 18, 2013 12:24 pm

        your receipes are wonderful. therefore i must reblog some of them ;)

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