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Have an Adventurous Weekend.

September 23, 2011

Happy Friday!! How will you be spending your first weekend of Autumn? We’re showing pup a little love and taking her to Central Park during off-leash hours so she can run around and act like a dog.  We’ve been doing our best to keep Diamond sufficiently walked but we can’t help feeling bad about taking her out of such a sweet equation back home (backyard+dog door= four-legged freedom) and into apartment life in the city. She seems to be happy though, always excited for a good walk down a crowded street and wistfully seeking edible rubbish wherever she goes (something I painstakingly try to deter her from doing….and almost always fail at. She’s quick.). We’re also going to do some exploring of the two-legged kind, maybe hit up the Brooklyn Flea and Lombardi’s for pizza. Whatever we do, I can’t wait, I’m having so much fun being here! Above is Miss Diamond on one of our afternoon walks, she’s pretty much mastered the sidewalk poop; it took her some time to figure out that grass was a scarce commodity around here but she’s finally growing into her own city dog self. Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo!

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