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Oh Joy! Rx

April 7, 2011

{image via Oh Joy!}

Last night I went to Oh Joy! Studio’s incredibly insightful Freelancing Workshop. I’ve been a freelance writer for a few years now but designing for profit is a fairly new endeavour for me. The workshop was geared at designers and creative types, and it was really well-organized; Joy has a wonderful way of clearly explaining all of her points. We covered a lot of ground too, everything from self-promotion to charging what you’re worth (and not feeling bad about it) to balancing your work life and personal life. I’m still all hyped up about it. It gave me a lot of confidence to know that I’m doing many things right but it also gave me insight into the things I’m doing wrong or not doing at all, which I feel was the most valuable info that I took away from the evening. I think most of her upcoming workshops are filled but if you’re interested in blogging, freelancing or producing a product line, be on the lookout for one of her future workshops here. If you go, you might get yummy High-Tops like these guys…salted caramel!! Yum!

{image via Oh Joy!}

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