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StreetStyle: Structure and Softness

March 29, 2011

{photo credit: The Sartorialist}

I’ve been more and more interested in fashion lately. I’ve never really been a fashionable person though, in fact, I’m pretty clueless when it comes to style. I’ve always stuck with the basics- jeans, t-shirts, simple dresses, cardigans in solid colors and minimal to no make-up. I admire other people who dress well and I know what I like but I can never pull off a polished look. One of my personal goals for this year (my 30th year on this good earth) is to push myself to be a little more adventurous with my style; hair and make-up included. For my birthday, I received a gift certificate for the Brazilian Blowout, which I absolutely loved! It’s given me a lot more courage to play around with my curly hair. And just recently, I started taking a more serious look at thrift stores and flea markets for prized items that I can call instant classics in my closet. I’ve been getting a lot of inspiration from street style fashion blogs. Above are some of my recent favorites from The Sartorialist. I love how each combines a structured element with a soft feminine feel. If you’re into these, you may also want to peruse through some of my other faves,  The Locals, Refinery 29 and Fashion Toast. Enjoy!

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