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Yes, please: Leisurely Weekend.

March 21, 2011

Ahhhhhhh! (sung by the most angelic voice you can imagine) That’s how I feel right now. Monday doesn’t seem so bad when you’re coming back from a weekend packed with leisurely nothings. I spent the last two days doing whatever I wanted…sleeping, watching a little TV, lounging about, light gardening, spending time in the kitchen, a little retail therapy, and lots of cuddling with hubs and Diamond dog. Plus, it rained…A LOT, so we were somewhat bound to the indoors which made my laissez-faire attitude this weekend that much more appropriate.

But alas, the work week summons and I am ready to hit the ground running. I’m wrapping up a few writing projects with these folks and these folks.¬†Hopefully in the near future, I’ll be able to share some of the work I’ve taken part in recently. For now, I’d like to share some pictures from my weekend. I’ll be elaborating on these pics during the week. Happy Monday! xoxo!

{showing our succulents some love}

{our flower pot collection accumulated from the weekend’s gardening audit}

{homemade croutons}

{ingredients for the perfect caesar dressing}

{miss diamond striking a pose during an impromptu photo sesh}

{if heaven was a cookie…}

{good neighbors are hard to come by… does yours bring you warm soup on a rainy sunday afternoon?}

{couldn’t get through the weekend without a little diy action}

{my first braising project…a great success}

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