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Make this: Succulent Terrarium

February 11, 2011

I’m a big fan of flowers and chocolate on Valentine’s day (or any day, really). And while I love fresh cut flowers, it’s always so sad that in a few days they’re going to die. Here’s a nice alternative to the traditional bouquet. Succulents are beautiful, they come in a variety of colors and styles, and they’re incredibly easy to care for. Make this terrarium for your Valentine (or just for fun!)

Fill your vessel half way with soil, sand, pebbles or crushed shells or any combination of the four. (Note: Succulent don’t require soil to survive. They’ll live just fine in sand or pebbles.) Get creative with contrasting layers. Before planting, crumble some excess soil away from the roots to expose them a bit, as shown below.

Once you have your plant in place, continue filling with more sand, pebbles, or crushed shell so that just the succulent is showing. Use a spoon to get into tight spaces around the petals. Water your plant well after planting, this is when it’s most vulnerable. Succulents thrive in sun or shade but it’s best to alternate once in a while. Don’t over water, a little spritz once or twice a week is all it needs. Every so often you’ll notice a brown petal, just snap it off. It’s really hard to kill a succulent plant. If you notice one day it’s looking dehydrated, give it a little water and it should be fine by the next day. I used glass vases that I had lying around the house but there are some really great fishbowls, glass globes, and other more modern glass vessels out there so find whatever suits you best.

Happy planting! xoxo!


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