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52 Week Project: WK4

February 4, 2011

We’re gearing up for a paintstravaganza this weekend for our week 5 project. Last week, we picked a few shades of grey and white so that we could play a little matchmaker on our wall. We’re going with Behr Premium Plus paint from Home Depot. We’re not all that familiar with good paint brands so for now we’re sticking with what’s available to us.

Above are the Behr colors we chose. The whites are powdered snow (w-d-700) and popped corn (w-b-200) and the greys are silver sateen (ul260-16) and irish mist (790c-1). We matched up each white with each grey to see who had the best chemistry: Couple #1-powdered snow + silver sateen/Couple #2-popped corn + silver sateen/Couple #3-powdered snow + irish mist/Couple #4- popped corn + irish mist. That lone match up in the left corner is a combo of the two greys, we thought we’d try it out just for kicks. As you can see couple #1 is just way too different from each other. Sure, they can be friends (maybe even with benefits) but they clearly want different things out of life. Couple #2 seemed to get along pretty well, we definitely saw potential for a second date. Couple #3 was on fire, they were a few shades away from having to get their own room! And finally, couple #4, turns out they’re related, no sparks flying whatsoever. While we were pretty sure that all four colors had a good time on their wall date, couple #3 just seemed like a match made in heaven, so powdered snow and irish mist it is! Since we went with the cooler white, we liked the subtlety and warmth of the irish mist grey. Because our walls are so dark, we’ll probably only get around to priming this weekend, we’ll need at least two coats and drying time in between.

Just for fun, I took a few close-up shots of the paint as it dried. A little Rothkoesque, no?

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  1. February 7, 2012 7:24 pm

    this post is just adorable… I have purchased irish mist for my living room (haven’t painted), but I agree with your #3 couple,sexy!

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