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“Thank You”

January 28, 2011


Is it me or has this month just flown by?!!! I can’t believe how behind I am on EVERYTHING! Work has been brutal. Between writing jobs, design jobs, and weddings, I barely have time to breathe!…or at least it seems that way. Surprisingly, we have managed to keep our resolution of doing one “upgrade” per week on our house. So far, they’ve all been baby upgrades but we’re headed in the right direction and I promise I’ll be posting our progress soon…hopefully this weekend!!! I managed to finally write thank you cards for Christmas and my birthday, which was this month. As part of my “create more” resolution, I made these fun thank you cards. And, as part of my “do something nice for someone else” resolution, I created a PDF so that you can have them too! I sized the files to Paper Source A2 Foldover Cards. If you’re Photoshop or Illustrator inclined, you can probably figure out how to resize to whatever paper size you’re using. ENJOY!


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  1. February 15, 2011 4:21 pm

    very cute! thanks for the design :)

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