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52 Week Project: WK 1

January 9, 2011


Slow start in nesting ville but we did manage to do one minor project. We received a Simple Human grocery bag holder as a wedding gift over 6 months ago and we had yet to install it…until this week!

We’re not huge plastic bag collectors because we use reusable grocery bags as often as possible, but there are always those moments when you forget your bags at home or you don’t bring enough reusable bags to carry everything or any other number of reasons why the occasional rogue plastic bag gets into your hands. For years, we’ve had a hideous bag of bags and every so often, we’ll use one for one thing or another (dog poop mostly when we run out of the biodegradable kind) and the rest get taken to the grocery store recycle bin when the bag of bags can no longer do its job.

This is what under the kitchen sink used to look like

And here’s what under the sink looks like now. Still pretty much what you’d expect under the kitchen sink to look like but  it does have a neater appearance and that’s a nice feeling.

We went mattress shopping today. We have our eye on this guy and this bed from West Elm. Painting our bedroom and getting new furniture in is our next major project. I’m hoping to start tackling some of that this month. I’ll keep updating our progress.


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  1. January 9, 2011 7:12 am

    Love it! I need to get something similar — we had a bag-holder, but it didn’t attach to the door and therefore wasn’t super useful. Are the screws visible from the outside of the cabinet? I hope not…

    Also, I loooooove tempur-pedic. We have a foam mattress (not a temper-pedic, but a different one) and it’s amazing. A life changer. For real.

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