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October 6, 2010

I love Ikea…no, I hate Ikea…no, but really, I kind of love it still. I just get so frustrated with their million piece furniture assembly and quite often, I find that Ikea quality is just plain poor. We call it “throw-away” furniture and before moving into our current house, we didn’t mind purchasing items from Ikea because we knew they weren’t permanent. Since becoming homeowners, however,  we’ve started to pick our Ikea products with a lot more caution and scrutiny. We’d rather pay a little more for furniture that is going to last but when it comes to inexpensive textiles, frames, storage, vases, and simple kitchen items, I love Ikea. And it’s times like these, when I love those brilliant Swedes the most…I just came across this absolutely STUNNING cookbook. Wish I had thought of this… ENJOY!

{ingredients for black forest cake}

{black forest cake}

{ingredients for gingerbread cookies}

{gingerbread cookies}

{ingredients for cinnamon buns}

{cinnamon buns}

{all pictures courtesy of Ikea}

See more pictures HERE.



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