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Say Hello to onefourthree Events!

June 3, 2010

I’m so excited to finally share this amazing news! Several months ago, Melinda, my best friend, MOH and now business partner and I started onefourthree Events.

We’re a full-service event planning and design boutique serving the Los Angeles area. We work out of our homes for now. Things have moved really fast for us, business has been great and to top everything off, we’re both getting married just months apart! So we’re planning and designing weddings for clients all while planning and designing our own.  Melinda has been in the biz for a few years now. I’ve known her most of my life and I can’t really remember a time when she didn’t want to be a wedding/event planner or in some sort of position where she’s making things happen. It’s in her blood. I have a design background and worked in advertising for several years as a copywriter/designer before I decided to chuck it all and start my cupcake boutique. I could never suppress my creative juices,  even as a kid, I was constantly making, inventing, designing, writing, drawing. So when I quit the ad world, I was feeling a little bit of failure on my part for not sticking with it… but I was also feeling a bit liberated that I had the gull to just up and leave a career I had prepped, poked and prodded myself for in design school (three of the most painful yet fulfilling years of my life). After a few months out of work, I found myself creating projects for myself. I would write detailed briefs with mandatories and deadlines just so that I could feel that pressure of having to come up with something fresh on the spot. I started to design invitations, announcements, business cards for friends and family members just to feel like I had “clients” that needed my services. I was checking in with headhunters and doing job searches for jobs I knew I didn’t want. Somehow I couldn’t let go of my old life as a creative. Melinda called me one day, she had an event coming up that she needed some help with so I jumped on board. Little did I know that we would soon be embarking on a new adventure together. Flash forward ten months and here we are waist deep in weddingville. We have such a strong dynamic. I love working with her, I can’t believe it took us 20 years to figure it out! Her “know-how” and creativity combined with my design aesthetic results in amazingness every time.  We launched our website sometime in February and have been busy with monthly events since. It’s been so much fun! I finally feel like I’m doing exactly what I want. Some of the best advice I’ve ever gotten came from one of the biggest slackers I went to high school with. He told me “if you find a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”. I couldn’t agree more.

So now, in addition to cupcakes and baking, I’ll be posting a lot more of onefourthree Events, weddings, design, DYI, and other fun, interesting happenings. xoxo!

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