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My Last Meal

February 15, 2010

I can’t really remember when, but some time ago, Evan and I were having one of our typically random conversations and we were trying to come up with the perfect last meal. If you knew it was your last day on earth and you could choose one more meal before you go, what would it be? We threw around several ideas (can’t really remember what any of them were) but none of them seemed worthy of the honor of ‘Last Meal’. I don’t know who said it first, but we both ended up agreeing on this:

A crusty loaf of fresh-baked bread, a nice hunk of creamy brie (in Evan’s case Stilton or other stinky blue cheese) and a generous glass of red wine. After naming off several possibilities for contention, nothing could beat this simple combination of artisanal foods.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we thought it would be fantastic to have our last meal together while picnicking at a park. Diamond tagged along, playing a couple rounds of fetch and ending the day with what we hope would be her last meal if she had the choice: a meaty beef rib saved from a dinner last week. Wholefoods had some pretty irresistable picnic goodies so we threw a few extras in: olives, quince jam, a variety of salami’s, aged balsamic+truffle oil and fresh fruit. Here are some pics from our amazing day together. Enjoy!

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