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Cupcakes for Bald Bryan!

November 12, 2009

As part of my “work research”,  I like to fumble around the blogosphere checking the latest in home cooking and baking, crafty design and my biggest obsession, weddings! Yesterday, during my daily cyber scavenge, I stumbled upon a very special wedding post. The talented ladies over at Mint Julip designed this wonderful wedding for Christie Clough and Bryan Bishop. This couple had such a sincere story, and being that I’m engaged and in the middle of planning a wedding myself, it struck a chord with me. Two months before their big day, Bryan aka “Bald Bryan” was diagnosed with brain cancer, he had an inoperable brain tumor. Christie keeps a very raw and sad but often humorous blog called An Inconvenient Tumor, detailing every up and down since Bryan’s diagnosis. Some of you may know Bald Bryan from the Adam Corolla radio show on 97.1 here in LA. I personally had never heard of the show nor Bryan until I began reading Chrisitie’s blog and since, have been schooled by some of my friends that are more in the know. Apparently, Bald Bryan has a large cult following among talk radio listeners, known for his incredible knowledge of random trivia and his witty humor.

As I was reading Christie’s blog, I found myself crying, laughing and just overall rooting for both of them to get over this hurdle. While the content of her writing is incredibly sensitive and personal, Christie writes in a style that’s intelligent, entertaining and sincere. After two hours of obsessively reading An Inconvenient Tumor, I felt compelled to email Christie and Bryan to both wish them well and to volunteer myself the best way I know how… through baking.

There is a benefit being held in Bryan’s honor next Friday, November 20 at the Wilshire Ebell Theater hosted by Adam Corolla and a slew of other comedians. The event is called Laughs for Bald Bryan and I am so thrilled and honored to be a part of it. {love+cupcakes} will be providing a delicious array of mini cupcakes for the VIP lounge to enjoy!

If anyone is interested in attending this event, I believe tickets are still available. This is a comedy show with appearances by comedians and personalities like Jimmy Kimmel, Dr. Drew from Love Line, Dana Gould and Larry Miller. It should be a great time.

Laughs for Bald Bryan

Check out the Laughs for Bald Bryan website for more info:

Also, check out Christie Clough Bishop’s blog, An Inconvenient Tumor here:

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